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  • Catering Project Manager-Facility Management Services

    Rayong – Thailand

    Key Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Accountable to manage all Integrated Facility Activities as directed by the ASEAN Operations Manager according to the signed Contracts, SOW and company standards, making no amendments without the approval of the Aden Senior Management.
    • Perform all leadership duties as required and directed.
    • Lead, manage, teach, and coach teams, including support members, food services, housekeeping, security, maintenance, landscaping/gardening, pest control and other team members.
    • Coordinates the day-to-day operations of ALL assigned Sites.
    • Optimize labor at each site based on SOW and budget requirements.
    • Implement and supervise standardized controls at each site to include but not limited to:
      • Standardized recipes
      • Weekly menu system
      • ?3-6 month material consumption forecasts
      • Effective time management rosters
      • B52 material control
      • Internal and external monthly reporting
      • CA MMS Maintenance Management
      • Digitization of systems
    • Optimize product usage at each site maintaining standardizing material lists.
    • Perform regular inspections and ensure presence at each site regularly.
    • Maintain operational budgets in accordance with Contract SOW and achieving positive EBIT results within P & L.

    QHSE Management:

    • Maintain and audit corporate Total Quality Management SOPs and systems at each site.
    • To ensure the operations of each site are operating in accordance with QHSE policies and standards of the company.
    • To ensure consistent continual improvement scheduling in implemented and follow-up of staff training. Records are to be kept for each team member.
    • Maintain open communication with clients for all major issues and concerns, ensuring good relations with the customer and implement corrective actions to resolve issues.
    • Must ensure regular quality checks and audits are performed, while standardizing the job descriptions for each of the different function areas, for example chefs, administration, housekeeping, laundry, groundskeepers, maintenance, security, etc…
    • To ensure that the right number of products and the correct equipment are used and applied as according to our contracts.
    • Ensure HSE practices to include HACCP and safe hygiene protocol regulations are strictly followed.
    • Regular audit HSE practices at each site working area, to include offices, kitchens, dining rooms, accommodations, laundry, workshop areas, site grounds, etc….
    • Ensure all staff maintains high personal hygiene and the uniform standard set by the company, good health check for each staff, make the personal data folder in the site office.
    • Ensure consistent scheduling of the daily operations.
    • Ensure that QHSE practices are being implemented with all sites, with daily toolbox training and weekly staff meetings.
    • Implement emergency planning and organize the backup groups with clients.
    • Cooperate with client; make the EHS audit and monthly health check.
    • It is forbidden to use or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on any project site, all employees are subject to prescreening, random testing, and post-incident testing. Test failure at any stage will result in removal from the site.

    HR/ADM/FIN Operations:

    • Ensures daily cost targets set by management are achieved.
    • Assist HR management and advise field staff recruitment, staff interview, staff monthly appraisal.
    • Conducts regular daily and weekly documented meetings with departmental teams.
    • To coordinate any issues regarding site management between client, site, and Head Office in the absence of the ASEAN Operations manager.
    • Implement training programs for the new staff to make them operational ready as soon as possible (set up training policies)
    • Implement Rosters, staff attendance systems at all sites

    Key Skills and Competencies:

    • Thai and English languages (written & spoken)
    • Results-oriented, with the ability to complete assignments in a timely manner and manage priorities
    • Good client relations
    • Able to manage different projects
    • Collaborative and team-oriented leadership style; able to work independently to drive results while building relationships throughout the business
    • Analytical skills and financial modeling experience
    • Strong project management skills with the ability to manage multiple priorities
    • Excellent presentation and communication skills; ability to communicate results and influence at management level
    • Great attention to detail and accuracy, due dates and deadlines
    • Highly motivated and creative problem solver; strategic thinker
    • Ability to travel to sites

    If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume to?recruitment@adenservices.com with Catering Project Manager-Facility Management Services in the subject line. We will treat your application with confidentiality.